What Are The Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Mattress Topper?


Okay, sleepers, I know I just bombarded you with a tonne of information, but believe me when I say that following these rules will make your shopping experience more effective and faster. Let me close by offering you a few last advantages and disadvantages to consider.

The Advantages:

A new mattress topper is much less costly than a new mattress, making it an excellent option for those looking to update their mattress on a budget. Make sure to check prices across many different manufacturers and use our discounts to obtain the best bargain possible!


Mattress toppers may do a lot to improve the overall feel of your mattress and make it more comfortable. They’re particularly well-suited for sleepers who need a bit of additional pressure alleviation as they sleep.


Mattress toppers are available in a plethora of different textures and comfort levels, so virtually any sleeper should be able to find one that meets their requirements!


Because it is much simpler to transfer and store a mattress topper than it is to move a complete mattress, these additions are excellent choices for updating things like college beds that you will only use for a year or two after graduation.

The Disadvantages:

Washing Instructions: 

It is essential to note that most mattress toppers are only meant to be spot cleaned. If you are concerned about harming or dirtying your topper, I recommend that you look for one that has a detachable and machine-washable cover cloth instead. Said, this will serve as an additional layer of protection for your expensive new sleep item!


A mattress topper isn’t as durable as a mattress on its own (a new topper will only last you 1-4 years). In other words, if you purchase a new topper to improve an existing mattress, you will need to replace it very soon. In addition, if you’re purchasing a new mattress topper to extend the life of your old mattress, bear in mind that you’ll need to replace both after around a year.


 It is important to remember that mattress toppers are intended to enhance the feel of your existing mattress to fix back pain problems. As a result, if you are very dissatisfied with your existing mattress, a topper will not be a satisfactory solution.


Mattress toppers are available in various thicknesses, with the majority ranging between 1-4 inches deep. To decide how much depth to add to your mattress, take your time and keep in mind that a thicker topper will almost certainly offer greater pressure relief (and be pricier, too). Heavier sleepers and side sleepers may discover that a deep topper (3-4 inches) would alleviate greater strain at sensitive regions like the hips and shoulders. Meanwhile, individuals who are just seeking to add a little layer of comfort may be better served by the 1-2 inch heights available for purchase. Let’s speak about one of my favourite characteristics, which is thermoregulation. Some toppers are intended to help you control your body temperature, which may be very helpful if you are a hot sleeper like myself. Consider toppers that include Phase Change Material, copper, graphite, or gel infusions if you’re looking for a topper that is particularly intended to decrease heat. You may also choose a latex or wool topper as an alternative.